Want Renaissance ? Define your purpose first!

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We believe no renaissance just happens like that. It requires multiyear investment in a sustainable marketing capability system. That’s why we always focus on the trinity of art, science and a lot of discipline while Creating Renaissance Brands.

In today’s marketing, "renaissance man" is a 20/40/40 mix of "mad man, math man, and method man".

A new marketing approach

Creating your own Renaissance requires a proprietary way of doing marketing that perfectly fits your firm’s culture. It’s about leveraging the brain and ideas as the ultimate resource, in an as scientific way as technologically and humanly possible.

Building Renaissance Brands is about creating recurring brand health and sustainable pricing power. Nike, originally a maker of sports shoes, transformed into a holistic active lifestyle company by embracing the promise of the digital world (e.g. through products like Nike+). Or think about the role of beer in our modern society: AB InBev evolved from a local producer of beer brands, to a modern and global reflection of the world’s "original social network". Beer has been bringing people together for over 9000 years, and today AB InBev's well balanced global/regional/local brand portfolio uses this notion as its north star.

First things first

Renaissance Brands are never created by one single person. They are the result of teams who embody their brand(s), year in year out. They have created true fans, reaching that magic tipping point in the brand health attitudinal pyramid where Brand lovers become true brand ambassadors. Creating a solid group of brand ambassadors is the necessary condition to (re)light the fire. That is the moment where your renaissance succeeds, and your brand’s age of enlightenment has a chance to start.

But let’s start at the beginning. Here are the "purpose" questions every brand owner should always try to answer clearly in order to create a true Renaissance:

  • what business are we in ?
  • why do we exist in the lives of the people we serve ?
  • what added value does our brand offer to the societies we operate in ?

Once you know your purpose, you can start the journey...

Want Renaissance ? Define your purpose first!

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