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How to build successful brands in the New Galactic Age

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Since the foundation of Vicomte late 2012, I help clients to Create Renaissance Brands™ in the New Galactic Age. Brands with sustainable pricing power and with icon potential.

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From architecture ambiguity to strategic portfolio clarity.

From brand weakness to sustainable pricing power.

From silicon snake oil to marketing miracle$.

The Vicomte Way of Marketing mixes 4 Expertise Areas

1/4 Marketing / Branding

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I had, and still have, the honor to work with some of the biggest, best and most iconic Brands around the world. I love to farm Brands, to nurture them, to reinvent them, to sell them, or even to kill them. Great brands can be seductive. But they should always remain a means to an end in a brand based business model, never become the end. Marketing is Finance is Business. Marketing is about creating Miracle$, with a dollar sign.

Successfully Served Companies Like

Coca Cola
Eddy Merckx
Global Atlantic
King Baudouin Foundation
Montagne Alternative
Rene Furterer

2/4 Investing / Sharing Risk

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Advising about how to build brands is one thing.  Actively (re)building brands is another thing, Vicomte provides advice, but it is also a micro-ventures firm and an active LP in various Seed VCs (in USA and in EU). I believe in taking risk, in walking the talk, in getting skin in the game, wherever possible and justified. I share the ups and downs and pivots over the years with the founders and with the boards. Not every venture works out as planned. We learn, iterate and move on. No regrets. Most do work, and these are the Miracle$ we fight for.

Investor | Adviser | Board Member at...

Arcview Collective
Arcview Group
Blue Seed Collective
FNB Tech
Finclude FI
New World
Quality Eats
Sir Kensingtons
Soul Group
Vita Coco

3/4 Enlightening

Since 2013, and especially since the publication of my book ("Marketing is Finance is Business") end 2018, I have had the honor to become a regular speaker at leading universities, at entrepreneurship centers, and at corporates around the globe. Topics range from classic marketing subjects to very existential debates on how to build successful brands over the next 50 years of "Space 2.0" - the new Galactic Age. Based on research, I believe the impact of space on our daily life is the most important untold story of our time.

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4/4 Paying It Forward

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I believe in the power of paying it forward, especially in helping the next generations unleash their full potential in an increasingly galactic world. I also believe that non-profit organizations hold many lessons for the business world. I therefore continue to actively cross-fertilize between both worlds.

Giving Back

Be Central
Bel Cham
Prince Albert Fund


Containing news, feature articles, and notable events.

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About Chris

Vicomte develops tailor-made strategic brand solutions, applying his unique Vicomte Way of Marketing - the distillation of over 30 years of working for both global blue chips in FMCG (P&G, Coca-Cola, AB InBev), as well as for many entrepreneurial ventures and for non-profits.


Full bio info:


Chris is a multiple award winning world class marketing operator and thought leader turned entrepreneur, advisor, inves- tor/board member, and academic/au- thor/speaker.

Always testing new frontiers, Chris was among the first senior CPG leaders to play an active role in the controversial yet fascinating global cannabis and hemp business.

If all goes to plan, he will become the first CMO in space in the coming years (with Virgin Galactic).

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