Renaissance marketing: how turn marketing into miracles?

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Hi. My name is Chris, not Christ. I do marketing, I don’t do miracles. But I deeply believe developing proper marketing capability will lead to more (financial) miracles for any brand-based company.

Creating a renaissance is an opportunity for every single brand. But, it’s always much tougher than every brand owner thinks. Even in these nano times, where social media and big data are all around, there is no short term solution to create a true renaissance for any brand.

Renaissance Man

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man is one of the most iconic and celebrated hallmarks of the Renaissance. The drawing is the embodiment of a cultural movement, taking people out of their darkness during the Middle Ages. From that moment on, the relation between men and God changed: from one of complete submission, to the discovery and leverage of people’s own divine talents.

Renaissance marketing: how turn marketing into miracles?

Renaissance Collaboration

Art and science cross-fertilized like never before, resulting in more than one copernican revolution. Mankind was set free again to express their own truth and humanity at a level unseen since the Roman empire. Exactly that euphoric feeling –having successfully created something big– is what we aim to recreate through a close collaboration with you and your team.

Renaissance Marketing

There are many examples of iconic brands –and brands with icon potential– that never came back. Remember PanAm, the iconic airline? Or the Titanic, that iconic ship?

People talk about Apple and Google a lot these days as the greatest brand examples. They top any global brand list since years, and deservedly so. But they are actually still very young. Apple exists only since 1984. so let's see where it is in 2084?

The best Brands are able to continuously reinvent themselves over a very long time. It is the single toughest challenge for any marketer to keep an icon Brand topical for every new generation - over more than 100 years. Think Coca-Cola or Budweiser. These are the true Renaissance Brands.

Creating a Renaissance is much tougher than anyone thinks, but it’s always doable. Miracles are possible, especially for iconic brands. As we speak, a modern version "Titanic II" is being built in China by an Australian billionaire, with a planned maiden voyage in 2018 between China and Dubai (yes, this is a new world).

So who knows if one day, a "Pan Am 2.0" may fly again?

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